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The School of Aeronautics could hardly be better situated for the research and study for Aeronautics. With its location in Xi’an, the school is in a unique position to combine the best of the aeronautical industries in the city. The predecessors of the school are the Aircraft Department and the Civil Aviation Engineering College. The Aircraft Department was founded in 1952 by merging three Aeronautics ...

The school offers the following six undergraduate degree programs:
Aircraft Design Engineering
Electric Engineering and its Automation
Aircraft Environment and Life Support System Engineering 
Safe Engineering
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Electronic Information Engineering

The school also has the following eight disciplines leading to a M.S. and a Ph.D.: Fl...

Department of Aircraft Design Engineering
Department of Integrated Technology and Control Eng...
Department of Fluid Mechanics
Department of Aeronautical Structural Engineering
Department of Civil Aviation Engineering

The school is home to one national key laboratory, one national specialized laboratory, and ten other laboratories, institutes and centers that give support to the Aircraft Design, Fluid Dynamics, Solid Mechanics and other disciplines.
The National Key Laboratory of Aerofoil/Foil Grid Aerodynamics
The National Specialized Laboratory of Dy...